David Balan

David Balan

Software Engineer

Hi, there. I'm David Balan. I'm in love with code and made a living out of sitting in front of a microprocessor.

I'm a software engineer and a development manager in a 7 people team at Forcity by day, and a game programming enthusiast/blog writer by night. My roles are both to develop quality software and to plan, control the developpement process and manage the team.

As a programmer, I'm used to work with web technologies, on the front and the back side of it, but also with desktop client app too. Javascript is my favorite language but I also work with HTML5, CSS3, C# and C++.

Want to know more, interested? Get in touch!

You can also catch me on some social networks or simply send me a mail here hello@balandavid․com (don’t copy/paste it), but please bear in mind that I’m too busy to accept client work. I might however accept speaking or teaching engagements, under certain conditions or uncommon, super interesting projects.